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The narcissist, from day one, will degrade you. Most people believe this does not take place in the love bombing stage but does. The narcissist covertly abuses his victims in the love bombing stage vs overtly abusing his victims. An example of this would be when the narcissist continuously speaks over you. This is an act of covert degradation.

The only difference between the stages within the narcissistic abuse cycle in regards to degradation is over time, the victim is blamed for the narcissist abusing them.

The warning signs are very much there at the beginning of the relationship but the problem is not failing to recognize the warning signs but instead, is having hope.

Many victims of a narcissist blame themselves for either being naive, stupid or gullable as if they allowed the narcissist to abuse them somehow because they couldnt see the narcissist for who they are in the beginning of their relationship.

For all those with such a thinking pattern..know that if you were in fact, able to avoid a relationship with your narcissist, it would mean you are a narcissist. People who do not have NPD, do not doubt the goodness in humanity. The price of meeting and being with a narcissist is worth the amount you paid in whatever emotional currency you had to pay in because in the end…you have the very thing the narcissist pathologically envied which is your humanity.

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All you need to know about pathological narcissism

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