Stalking and hacking

The narcissist believes that stalking and hacking is him tormenting his victims. The narcissist fails to realize that his mind is truly the thing that is being tormented. To stalk and hack someone’s privacy on a daily basis takes an extreme amount of time and effort. It takes dedication and focus to harass someone on a daily basis. The narcissist’s claimed tormenting is, in fact, how the narcissist abuses and torments himself. The narcissist spends all his time in his days obsessing about the very thing that he craves and is addicted to. This sounds more like torment than anything else.

Even if the victim becomes annoyed, angry or frustrated ..this still does not quench the thirst of the narcissist’s ego which screams at him daily. It reminds him with every chance it gets that he is in fact obsessing over a petty woman.

The narcissist likes to pretend he gains some form of power to his victim by stalking and tormenting but he is truly just reminding himself that he is in fact turning himself into supply for his non narcissist victim. If only the victim enjoyed and shared the same obsession he does.

Essentially, the narcissist becomes the very thing he in fact hates. He becomes the very thing he creates in his victims: a pathological obsessive need for the other person.

Never forget that when you yell at a narcissist out of frustration and he ignores you…he is doing so solely because he wants you to believe m he is enjoying his faulty torment and insanity so you can confirm it.

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All you need to know about pathological narcissism

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