pretending online and hacking

The Victim who decides to leave the narcissist, will most likely encounter some form of stalking and hacking. The narcissist’s victim may encounter random people trying to add them on twitter and facebook for example. They may receive various text messages by the narcissist pretending to be a different person or pretending to be a person from the victim’s past like an old friend as another example. The narcissist will even pretend to be an advocate for narcissistic abuse and will even attempt to to contact his victims in this manner. This strange behavior goes hand in hand with the narcissist’s favorite tactic which is hacking.

Why narcissists choose to do this is because they believe it is a form of control, that they have power over their victims. This sense of delusional power provides the narcissist with a sense of control over their own abandonment simply by being able to monitor and stalk their victims around the clock.

If the victim appears bothered by the hacking and stalking because of course, the narcissist wants their victim to know they are being hacked, this leads to a reaction.

On the same hand, the narcissist doesnt want to appear as if he is the one doing the hacking. When the victim brings the hacking to the narcissist, he will in fact deny it and claim the victim is crazy.

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All you need to know about pathological narcissism

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