Bad energy

Anyone who has not encountered living with a narcissist, can not understand what it is like to experience such a unique brand of bad energy. When I refer to this “bad energy”, I am referring to the cognition that ignites within oneself. Victims of narcissists become quite aware of the energy shifts and emotional fluctuations.

The narcissist’s victims end up becoming hypervigiliant because they are constantly trying to mentally survive the narcissist’s ambivalent and toxic nature. It is funny how this works, the narcissist is in fact the one trying to protect their ego from the very same thing they project and create in the minds of their victims.

The victim ends up becoming on guard trying to protect their sanity from the evil narcissist’s shameful and manipulative ways as well as the narcissist, in attempts to protect their false self.

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All you need to know about pathological narcissism

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