Hyper focused

When you put your pants on or put your coat on, you don’t think of what leg or arm your going to put in first. That’s because getting dressed has become such a natural occurrence for you and never do you need to question what arm or leg you are putting in first. When you speak, you do not need to recall the alphabet before you sound out each word spoken, we have an unconscious to hold that material for us as well as what arm and leg we put first into our pants and coat. We as humans take advantage of how we as humans function. When you have to deal with a narcissist, you begin to start questioning ourselves on similar extreme levels. You become doubtful of literally everything said and do that your unconscious usually deals with. Another example is when you speak to a friend, you never have to question the way you word things in fear of upsetting your friend because they always internalize all external output from those around them. Due to this constant rethinking type pattern, you become hyper focused on the narcissist. When the narcissist gets “upset” because you said something they internalized, you become even more hyper focused. This is insanity and it creates utter subjective chaos in various ways such as;

1. You become consumed with how the narcissist thinks and interprets reality

2. You become hyper focused on the narcissist’s intentions

3. You may feel guilt event though you most likely know at this point that you haven’t said anything wrong

4. You try and defend and clarify yourself in attempts to calm the narcissist down

5. You become confused trying to figure out what you should do next

6. You feed the narcissist supply

Published by ChristineMay

All you need to know about pathological narcissism

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