Stalking patterns

When you are being stalked, there is this common myth the narcissist holds in his distorted mind that the law cannot intervene if there is no evidence that associates the narcissist to the stalking behavior but this is untrue.

Stalking behavior is stalking behavior whether someone else is being sent to you by the narcissist aka a flying monkey or the narcissist is leaving little hints that you are being watched by them.

Stalking has patterns. Over time, patterns are revealed. It is important to keep a timeline of the stalking incidents to ensure the time, date and behavior is recorded before going to the authorities.

A very obvious piece of evidence of stalking behavior is intent. If you have left your ex narcissist and than all of a sudden, you become aware of the narcissist stalking you, this is intent. A pattern of abuse is also important to keep record of to provide authorities of why you left the narcissist in the first place and what kind of person you are dealing with here.

Lastly, narcissists tend to prefer that you know you are being stalked by them, record all evidence of this particular knowing. For example, the narcissist will mention to you an incident that took place aka his stalking behavior just so you are aware that he is in fact stalking you. Why does the narcissist want you to know they are stalking you? To gain supply and make you appear crazy.

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