The narcissist…

blanes you not only for his or her own behaviour and the consequences of such but more importantly, the narcissist blames you for them not being seen as perfect. The saying would go “your perception of my wrong behaviour is inaccurate, I am not wrong”.

The tricky part surfaces when the narcissist completely behaves in the opposite of what the right thing and still, will blatantly blame you for possessing an inaccurate perception of their wrongful behaviour. This particular manipulation tactic is something known as gaslighting. Doubting one’s own perception is the narcissist’s end goal.

The consequences on someone’s mental health due to being chronically gaslight by a narcissist is more extreme than many would think. It only seems natural to think to oneself “it is clear the narcissist is blatantly wrong and lying about” but this not the commonly seen case. When you are in a what you think is a long term relationship with a person you think loves you, you never assume that this person is trying to confuse and trick and you so what is left to do? Doubting oneself.

Published by ChristineMay

All you need to know about pathological narcissism

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