The need to be with the narcissist = trauma bonding

The need for the narcissist frequently overrides all other concerns in the victim’s mind at one point or another in their relationship with a narcissist. This does not mean the affects of those other concerns should not be concerning though. Unfortunately, when all the victim can think about is being back in the relationship with the narcissist again, one fails to see how they are actually in the midst of traumatically bonding with their abuser . Their need for their abuser has psychologically and emotionally trumped everything else such as one’s dignity, self respect, and long term relief of emotional and psychological desperation. Essentially, the tactic used for trauma bonding is the creation and exploitation of a powerful emotional need within the victim that drastically shifts the relational power dynamic. The narcissist holds the victim’s mind hostage via their emotional and psychological needs.


Published by ChristineMay

All you need to know about pathological narcissism

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