The narcissist’s ultimate expectation

When a person enters the realm of a narcissist, the expectation to obey the narcissist’s reality is immediately placed on you. This expectation is displayed before you as your “relationship” with the narcissist and becomes constitutional a major part of your inner and outer reality.

With time, you slowly become aware of the major fact that the narcissist is truly living a lie and has merged your world with such. You have unknowingly united with the narcissist in their psychosis unwillingly. When this knowledge surfaces in one’s mind, it is not comprehended as how I am describing it now. The conflicting, confusion and emotional shock the narcissist stirs up for their “spouse” is by far the ultimate distraction to this ultimate expectation.

What makes this entire circumstance even worse is when the narcissist blames you for attempting to align with reality. Any and all attempts to live in reality are deemed as a threat by the narcissist.


Published by ChristineMay

All you need to know about pathological narcissism

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