Never ending conversations with the overt narcissist.

Communication-something a narcissist cannot do because he is consistently interacting with “himself”. This can leave a person feeling hopeless thus, shutting down entirely because one is taught that one’s words fall on a deaf and blind narcissist or becoming louder in desperate attempts to be heard whether it be becoming aggressive, rephrasing One’s words, inquiring for clarification , etc.. This desperation usually leaves a person at the mercy of the narcissist.

When someone is trying to prevent appearing “wrong”, circulating conversations arise. This is due to projection-falsely blaming others for what one is “guilty” off (gaslighting). This is commonly used in the narcissist due to their heightened anxiety to protect the false self.

How to avoid these circumstances is to of course, go no contact. If such is not possible, grey rock. Understand that both these methods do not remove the urge to have the narcissist “validate” reality for you. Accepting that the narcissist will not validate reality for you is critical. You have to be able to confirm and validate your own perception versus doubting it as the narcissist has trained you to falsely believe in their delusions.


Published by ChristineMay

All you need to know about pathological narcissism

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