differences between a narcissist, a psychopath and a sociopath?

There are so many labels in the world today to describe the word “evil” . In psychiatry, 2 diagnoses are frequently used to describe such evil; narcissistic personality disorder and anti social personality disorder. In psychiatry, psychopathy and sociopathy are terms that are sometimes used but not in fact, placed in the current DSM. AContinue reading “differences between a narcissist, a psychopath and a sociopath?”

pretending online and hacking

The Victim who decides to leave the narcissist, will most likely encounter some form of stalking and hacking. The narcissist’s victim may encounter random people trying to add them on twitter and facebook for example. They may receive various text messages by the narcissist pretending to be a different person or pretending to be aContinue reading “pretending online and hacking”

The power the narcissist thinks he has over you

The way the narcissist views your position in his life is a position of helplessness. The narcissist believes he is in control of you because you allowed yourself to be in the position you are in despite the fact that he is the one who manifested this position. The narcissist stalks hacks and abuses hisContinue reading “The power the narcissist thinks he has over you”