Feeling like you cannot win

There is a very unique manipulation tactic the narcissist likes to use which is responding to everything you say in the same arrogant aloof manner. The narcissist uses the same style reaction every single time he responds to you. Regardless of what you say, the narcissist will always ensure his refusal to show you heContinue reading “Feeling like you cannot win”

Losing your voice as a child of a narcissist

Many narcissist parents like to constantly speak for their child, removing their vocal agency. The narcissist parent will constantly respond for their child when their child is spoken to. The removal of the child’s self and their entire reality is the end result. It doesn’t help that the narcissist parent is in charge of theContinue reading “Losing your voice as a child of a narcissist”

The nonsensical shaming tactic

How many times have you said something to the narcissist and he/she became offended? This is a common occurrence with all brands of narcissists but this can become a very strange occurrence when the narcissist becomes offended over things that are not offensive in nature. The narcissist’s reaction will be to shame or guilt you,Continue reading “The nonsensical shaming tactic”

Staring and the covert narcissist

Staring is a non verbal form of communicating with others and as I said before, covert narcissists love non verbal manipulation thus, covert narcissists being prone to staring. Not all covert narcissists will stare though, some coverts know it is a strange and abnormal thing to do and they don’t want to appear as such.Continue reading “Staring and the covert narcissist”

Rewiring your thoughts

When you enter a romantic relationship with someone, you never think that you need to protect your thinking and emotions to ensure that no one attempts to rewires your thinking and emotions and use them against you. When in a relationship with a narcissist, you become enslaved without knowing, you slowly become mentally and emotionallyContinue reading “Rewiring your thoughts”

Leaving you to interpret

Having a conversation with a narcissist is probably the most mind baffling thing most of you have ever experienced. Linguistics is the number one tool for a narcissist to manipulate himself with via his supply sources. There are many tactics that the narcissist uses in a conversation but a very important tactic is the narcissistContinue reading “Leaving you to interpret”