Losing your voice as a child of a narcissist

Many narcissist parents like to constantly speak for their child, removing their vocal agency. The narcissist parent will constantly respond for their child when their child is spoken to. The removal of the child’s self and their entire reality is the end result. It doesn’t help that the narcissist parent is in charge of the […]


Narcissists like to yell as a control tactic, they believe that raising their voice will control your reaction whether it be you backing down or changing how you respond. An example is you asking the narcissist something in response to what they have said. You-“wouldn’t it be easier if you did it this way instead?” […]

The difference between the 2 brands of narcissists when it comes to claiming victimhood

So there is the covert and the overt narcissist. The overt narcissist is very verbally and sometimes physically abusive. Its also been said that the covert narcissist is the eternal victim brand of narcissist but this is not entirely true. If you look at both brands of crazy, both the overt and the covert narcissist, […]