Never ending conversations with the overt narcissist.

Communication-something a narcissist cannot do because he is consistently interacting with “himself”. This can leave a person feeling hopeless thus, shutting down entirely because one is taught that one’s words fall on a deaf and blind narcissist or becoming louder in desperate attempts to be heard whether it be becoming aggressive, rephrasing One’s words, inquiringContinue reading “Never ending conversations with the overt narcissist.”

The narcissist’s ultimate expectation

When a person enters the realm of a narcissist, the expectation to obey the narcissist’s reality is immediately placed on you. This expectation is displayed before you as your “relationship” with the narcissist and becomes constitutional a major part of your inner and outer reality. With time, you slowly become aware of the major factContinue reading “The narcissist’s ultimate expectation”

The difference between arrogance and pathological narcissism

Arrogance and pathological narcissism are two falsely used terms that are used interchangeably. This is a problem because it removes the importance of validation for someone dealing with a pathological narcissist. When you are dealing with a pathological narcissist, you are dealing with someone with a severe devotion to one’s own mental health pathology. YouContinue reading “The difference between arrogance and pathological narcissism”

Self pity vs empathy

The narcissist can provide what looks like self compassion but as you know, the narcissist cannot provide genuine empathy towards others. Self pity is the only form of accountability a narcissist is capable of. The narcissist has no problem taking the blame for their own “thought to be” consequences for their actions if the narcissistContinue reading “Self pity vs empathy”

The need to be with the narcissist = trauma bonding

The need for the narcissist frequently overrides all other concerns in the victim’s mind at one point or another in their relationship with a narcissist. This does not mean the affects of those other concerns should not be concerning though. Unfortunately, when all the victim can think about is being back in the relationship withContinue reading “The need to be with the narcissist = trauma bonding”

What face is the narcissist wearing?

If the narcissist was constantly wearing the face of the false self, he would never be able to love bomb you or ask for a second chance”. The false self cannot be “wrong”. This is how you know that you are dealing with something else. So what is that “something else?” The narcissist wears manyContinue reading “What face is the narcissist wearing?”